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World Wine Regions is an interactive wine atlas – from wine lovers for wine lovers.

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Explore the World Wine Regions atlas

While we perfect some regions that are not yet drawn on the map, explore our atlas and imagine the possibilities of a customized version for your business.

WWR is an interactive atlas dedicated to the wine regions of the world – from the storied appellations of the Old World to the newly minted regions still building their reputations.

“Your map is friggin bananas amaze!”
— Jaime Smith, twice named ‘Best Sommelier in America‘ by Food and Wine Magazine
“The wine world has long needed a comprehensive digital resource like this. It’s a phenomenal offering.”
— Alder Yarrow, Founder & Editor, VINOGRAPHY
"What an amazing new global resource."
— Anne Krebiehl, Master of Wine

The WWR map depicts over 2500 Wine Regions

Wine lovers can discover and explore their favorite wine appellation, its terrain, and any map information you’d like to add.

Tell your wine story.

Whether you are a wine writer, publisher, national or regional winemaking association, or a marketer promoting wine regions and growers, telling a compelling story is an important part of your business. We can set you up with a customized, interactive wine atlas which makes your website more powerful and your region more memorable. Your readers and website visitors can compare topography and climate and research the appellations in your geographic area. The World Wine Regions atlas provides context and enables interactive storytelling, leading to a much higher reader engagement compared to stories with static images. 

The World Wine Regions map is for wine writers, wine publishers, and wine bloggers.

The WWR map will enhance any wine book, wine atlas, wine article or wine review. Indulge your readers with an immersive and interactive complement to your print publication. Wine enthusiasts can explore the terroir and zoom in on aerial photographs of individual vineyards and estates. Talk to us about a customized version of the map to accompany your print publication or embellish your website.

Put your wine region on the map

Wine lovers can discover and explore wine regions and appellations down to individual estates.

The WWR map adds a unique interactive experience to the websites of:

Captivate and educate an ever-growing audience of wine enthusiasts.

The World Wine Regions map:


Individual vineyards and 
buildings can be easily
seen on the mosaic of
aerial imagery from
a variety of sources.

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Elegant relief shading at
small scales and contour
lines at large scales reveal
the shape of the terrain.

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State-of-the-art interface

The atlas interface features a super-fast zoom from the global to the vineyard scale, plan view and oblique view. North does not have to be up and the area displayed can be constrained to your region. The atlas supports a full range of characters and diacritical marks.


Thanks to our self-explanatory
search function, map users can
easily find their places of interest.
They can zoom to appellations,
towns, or the vineyards or
sites you need on your map. 

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Exhaustive content to satisfy the most discerning wine enthusiast

The map is based on 2500 appellations including young, lesser-known wine regions plus some unofficial wine regions. It displays topography and aerial photography, can include climate or economic data (or a combination of both), and allows for multiple layers of wine region hierarchy.


For your region you might choose
to add vineyards, match the map
colors to your brand, and restrict
the viewer from zooming out
beyond your region.

View demo here.

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Full map customization with your own data and content

We can add your growers and wineries and other data unique to your wine region. If it can be mapped, it can be added, from production quantities to historic maps to soil and geology information. We can even stylize the atlas to match your corporate identity.

Watch intro video

Why Custom Mapping?

Add your vineyards and wineries to the atlas and enhance your map with additional data.

Unique interactive map

Add tangible value and an immersive experience to any wine-related publication and website.

Fully customizable map

The map is customizable to suit your publication and your region. The atlas can be scaled down to be a map of just your region.

Add your own information

Your map can be enriched with local information such as vineyards, cellar doors, opening hours, phone numbers.

Monetize the map

Charge wine producers and estates in return for premium exposure on the map. Increase exposure of smaller or lesser-known wine regions.

Versatile use of the map

Present a map without region names as an interactive quiz. Users have fun testing and improving their knowledge.

Interactive storytelling

Increase engagement on your website. Provide a captivating experience for your readers and site visitors.

Customer exploration

Let wine lovers and your site visitors explore winemakers, growers, appellations, terroir, topography, climate and varieties of your region.

For wine tourists

Help wine enthusiasts plan their trip to your region to explore your growers and estates. The map’s user-friendly interface & search function allow wine lovers to go straight to their place of interest.

Increase your professional profile

If you are an industry expert, a wine writer, publisher or marketer, a customized version of the atlas adds to your exposure and your profile as a wine authority.


Our mapping platform allows endless customization. We can focus the atlas on only the information or area you want to present, use a background that suits your needs, and incorporate the design specifications important to your brand.

This depends on how large an area you need mapped, the level of customization, the amount of traffic you expect on the page, and so on. Talk to us for a comprehensive quotation!

Yes, the atlas is built with open source mapping tools and is fully compatible with all web and app platforms.

We’ll customize the map for you and give you the code in the form you need.

Start with us and we’ll let you know if you should be asking your website designer or host.


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