The World Wine Regions atlas is a project of vW Maps and can be adapted to suit your needs. It can be restricted to only show your region, translated into your language, and improved with the addition of your information, including wineries and vineyards and local attractions.

Most of the wine regions are legal entities, either registered in the European Union’s eAmbrosia catalogue or in a country’s legislation. Some regions labelled on the map as “unofficial” are under review. Others are informal, and their boundaries and areas are often a matter of opinion. Where wine regions follow administrative boundaries and bear the name of that administrative area (eg. the département of Charente or the state of Victoria), we have chosen not to draw the wine region.

Paying subscribers will have access to wine regions that are not included in this free, demonstration atlas.

Data sources: The Wine and Spirit Board, South Africa; BC Wine Authority; Institut national de l’origine et de la qualité, France; Wine Australia; various national and state open data sites and eAmbrosia of the European Union. Data licensed under CC-BY, CC-BY Deutschland, CC-BY 4.0.

Thank you to Brant Cebulla, Diego Rivera, Scott Smith.

Luxembourg’s AOP is, officially, a number of vineyards. This atlas shows the antiquated administrative subdivisions (“sections cadastrales”) that contain these vineyards.

This atlas uses the Web Mercator map projection. Areas away from the equator appear larger than areas of the same size near the equator.